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Spring Cleanse


Almost all of us we start to clean our houses and get rid of junks in our closet and back yards in spring, but few of us think about cleansing our body!

In winter, naturally people tend to eat more and store more fat, and as spring kicks in, body needs to push out all the toxins and debris; so it is important to help your body to do its job. In Chinese Medicine Liver pertains to spring, and Liver is in charge of filtering the products of digestion and converting useful chemicals into vital substances needed for many body processes. The Liver is also the body’s first line of defense, filtering and storing potentially harmful substances to prevent them entering the blood stream and reaching the brain. So imagine our poor liver that has to cope with all the pollutions that somehow get into our body such as pesticides, synthetic food additives, and unknown effect of genetically modified products.  If you have allergies, sharp headaches, prolonged fatigue, recurrent flu and colds, and even some stubborn skin conditions, you should start cleansing your liver/body.

Here are few easy steps that can help to cleanse your body:

  1. Start your day with a glass of pure filtered water and half lemon squeezed. Try to keep your body hydrated at all the time. Lemon water makes your body alkaline and stimulate your liver to remove free radicals.
  2. Milk thistle and dandelion are two herbs that directly can have effect on liver. They help liver to combat damage from pollutants and toxins, and protect liver and prevent any further damage. Also Milk thistle helps to reduce cholesterol level. In addition, Dandelion has a mild laxative effect which helps to remove the toxins. You can take these herbs as tea or take them with your daily supplements.
  3. Add Garlic and Turmeric to your cooking spices. Garlic has detoxifying properties, and it is anti-parasitic and anti-fungal, and provides minerals and vitamins to help your liver heal. Garlic will work with your increased water intake to remove fatty deposits and promote new cell growth.Turmeric stimulates bile production which helps natural detoxification, also reduces inflammation and it has anti-bacterial function.
  4. Increase green leafy vegetables to your diet. Green Vegetables are good source of antioxidant and they keep your body alkaline. Also because of the fiber in them, the process of elimination will be faster and easier.

Although there are so many detox-herbal supplements in market that you can use for liver cleansing, I found these 4 steps so easy to use, which they can be adapted into our life style. I hope you will have a happy cleansing and enjoy your day with more energy 🙂