Boost Your Immune System!



We are almost in middle of September and Fall is just around the corner. Clod and Flu are just a fact of a cooler season. The good news is, that we don’t have to suffer from cold and flu symptoms every year! In Chinese Medicine we believe in prevention. By using right herbs and supplements and slight change in your life style we can stay away from those nasty symptoms!

Picture is courtesy of Herbalife

Refine sugar, fatty foods, and alcohol have a linear relationship with making your immune system deficient; simply by avoiding them in your diet you can help your body to fight against seasonal viruses. Instead try to bring more vegetable and leafy greens in your everyday diet. If you find it difficult to find a way to eat more vegetable and greens every day, you can juice them! You might lose the fiber, but you consume more amount compare to just chewing on them. If you don’t wanna loose that Fiber, making smoothies will serve them for you. Either way Vitamins, enzymes, Minerals, and protein in veggies refresh your body cells and restore your immune system.

Here are the list of few herbs and supplements that can tremendously help you throughout the season:

1-Vitamin C

Have been advocated for optimizing both immune function and antioxidant support.

2-Vitamin D

Researchers found that Vitamin D is crucial to activate Immune System, T cells. Without adequate amount of Vit D, T-Cells will stay in dormant state and won’t be able to fight with foreign pathogens.


Traditionally is used  for fever, sore throat and stuffy nose. It boosts Immune system, and shorten severity of colds.


Stress, medication, processed foods, environmental contaminants and lifestyle are contributing factors which upset the delicate balance of the intestinal flora. Having a balanced gut flora plays and important role in immunological process.

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Hope you all stay healthy and happy 🙂


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